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Interviewing with MetLife ?

Read our tips for success to learn how you can set yourself apart when interviewing with MetLife

Tips for interview preparation

Step 1 is complete. You have submitted your application and have begun preparing for the interview process. This is a very exciting and nerve-racking time, but don’t worry because we have some tips to aid in preparation. 

Consider utilizing the STAR methodology - an approach for framing interview responses - to help you respond to questions that ask how you handled a past experience.


  • Who you are and what you aspire to do
  • Your career path and why you are drawn to this area
  • Describe your journey to this point and your educational experiences


  • Explain your school selection, major, career path, etc. how they were chosen
  • Support your skill set with real world examples
  • Share you interests, passions, projects, and past work experiences

Company & Culture

  • Review our vision, mission, and values
  • Understand the product offerings and highlights of the company
  • Focus on investment in technology space
  • Formulate questions you have about us


  • Showcase your familiarity with technologies
  • Discuss projects you have created/worked on
  • Enlist your technical skills in your resume
  • You may be required to demonstrate your technical skills

Case Study

  • You will be assessed on your teamwork capabilities and agility 
  • You will be assessed on your ability to effectively collaborate and communicate

Role Assessment

  • You will be assessed on your teamwork capabilities and agility
  • You will be assessed on your ability to effectively collaborate and communicate

Here's my advice to you.

Sarah Alberti, MTU alumna shares her tips for success for students applying to MetLife.

  • Utilize your University’s Career Service resources - Not only are they willing to help you, but it’s one more networking opportunity that you have! They know what recruiters are looking for and can help you polish your resume, work on your personal pitch, and even mock interviews. Let them help you tailor your resume to the position you are interviewing for based on the job listing. This is the best thing I did during my time at Appalachian State University.

  • Do your research! - Research the company that you are interviewing with. Find a few key things that you admire about the company that you could discuss in the interview. It also doesn’t hurt to look at current news and see if there are questions you have about current projects or events happening with that company. Always come with questions ready to ask the interviewer.

  • Practice, practice, practice - Make sure your resume thoroughly and think of some examples that you can speak on for each part of your resume. Rehearse your response to typical behavioral, or technical questions that you anticipate the interviewer having. The more you talk through your responses, the more natural it will sound come time for the interview.

Sarah Alberti

Sarah Alberti, Appalachian State University 2017 graduate, 2017 MTU Pro Cohort 7.